mr homebody
mr homebody


In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
— Epigraph Attributed to G. Orwell, 1982

update (10/2018)

We're excited to announce Series 2 is coming.

The first anthology, Series 1, is titled "Eyes Wide Open" and consists of our original 7 pieces.

(10/2018): We’ve removed the links to the Kindle store and ceased future publications with Amazon.

Series 2 will contain new pieces with new analysis and coverage and be made available, for free, right here at

Thank you for reading.


Original letter

Dear Homebodies,

What began as an idea to curate and present a digestible understanding of current technology and political news as it pertains to home privacy and home security, updated monthly, evolved into a more concise 7-part exposé.

With that, our 7th and final post, Reckoning, has been published and we've permanently deleted all follower data and emails that were stored in our secure database (see our privacy policy).

Going forward, there will be regular updates to the site-wide announcement bar when we stumble across pertinent news, our Twitter will be active, and we're working on a coffee table magazine—we will have information on availability over the next couple months.

Our goal was similar to James Lovelock's The Earth and I, to provide real understanding for a complex topic that is oversaturated with information. You can trust our insight and coverage to be propaganda-free and aimed solely at increasing public understanding of the value of privacy in our digital age.

Our hope is that you will walk away from any one of our posts with a new or deeper understanding of the topics discussed and what it means for the safety of home—the foundation for all our hopes and dreams.

May we always take care to value and protect the homes of others as well as our families, communities, and friends.

Thank you for reading.


mr homebody